History of campsite le CLos Fleuri


Le Clos Fleuri was started in 1974 by Paulette & Jean DEVAIS, campers of the 60s, with ideas for the future.
Together, they realize Jean's dream: imagine and develop a campsite according to their experience of campers. Seduced by the location of the site, the old stone farm house, the sweetness of the climate and the amount of sunshine in a year, they decided to launch the great adventure of Le Clos Fleuri, by conceiving a campsite. At first it had 3 stars for 100 pitches.

At the beginning, there was in particular an attractive big field, ideal to make some hay, but with pratically no shade at all! It was necessary to plant trees, to bring the water, to plant again, to build and still to plant more trees.

While keeping their respective professions of primary school teacher for Paulette and inspector of sales for a house of Cognac for Jean, they built little by little the establishment with their energy and their savings.
Michèle and Christian, the children, quickly cut their teeth in doing chips, serving in the bar or in the camp shop, or cleaning the toilet blocks in the 70s. And the grandparents also put in a contribution!

A legend says that we would have seen Christian collecting rubbish sacks alone with a car at the age of 14. But we cannot confirm it.

The 80s sees the business growing, mostly with faithful European families coming regularly, and finally some good shade !
1986 a swimming-pool, 1988 a crazy-golf, 1989 a sauna,...

1989 Christian missed the season because of military service.

The 90s :
In 1991, a second toilet blocks is built , Le Clos Fleuri is now 4 stars.
In 1992, the beginning of the adventure " French Country Camping ".

The same year, Cathy, daughter of friends and faithful caravanners made her first season working on the site. To celebrate her 20th birthday, she invited her friend Marie-Luce to the campsite: Marie-Luce met Christian !
1994 beginning of a warm cooperation on the site with Anne and George, helpful and friendly ambassadors of « French Country Camping ».

1997, installation of the first 3 « Rêve » chalets, and of the first « Fun » chalet.

1999 the big storm of December : more than 200 of the biggest trees were blown down. It was necessary to cut up the fallen trees and replant more to start the 2000s. The show must go on !

2000 : Marie-Luce joined the team for the season.
In October Marie-Luce and Christian get married in Allier.

2003 Gabriel's birth in Royan.
His first season will be in the heat wave. But the heat waves are not so unpleasant in Le Clos Fleuri and on the 'Côte de Beauté' !

2005 Marie-Luce and Christian buy a new tent to convert Gabriel to the enjoyments of the camping: it works!

The 2010s:

We meet more and more often the children of the children of our regular customers !
The bar takes then on an air of history.

2012 first season within 'Sites & Paysages de France', a network of independent campsites based on Nature and Humanism. 'Hello' to all our cousins!

We also take advantage of it to pitch our tent in beautiful countryside and try camping from the other side...

2016 : 'Qualité Tourisme' labelling.

2018 : we will be happy to meet you and to continue this adventure with you!

Marie-Luce, Christian & Gabriel