Be our guests on the Cote de Beaute !


Welcome to the Clos Fleuri !hibiscus des marais

A guest campsite is an artisanal campsite, run directly by its owners who make a living from the resources of this activity on their "terroir".
We love our job, which is based on dealing with people and sharing and taking part in a great adventure: we want a successful holiday for all your family, with simplicity, in the heart of nature.
For a overnight stop, for the first time or for coming back for a new stay at Le Clos Fleuri, we will take time to welcome you, with authenticity and hospitality. Of course it takes time! But for us it is very important!
We will go with you to your pitch, we will choose it together if you have not already a favourite place , according to your tastes, our knowledge of the campsite and our bookings.
If you arrive late and are tired after the trip, we will adapt and deal quickly with formalities. We will be available the day after for more information or late in the evening in the bar!

Ambassadors of our local area, we really want to make you share it in all its dimensions. So do not hesitate, ask us! And let us know your own experiences, your discoveries.

See you soon, fleur bleue

DEVAIS family, at your service since 1974.

#NatureInSurroundingsTheHeartIsYou !